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PnP wants to grow, so we are looking at possibly making changes to somewhat modernize PnP. If you have any recommendations please contact our administrator through our contact page. We have had a few errors lately on the website, nothing major and nothing we can not work with. We are working to fix these errors. We appologize for any convenience.
Kevin Ales

Welcome to Prose-n-Poetry, home of original poetry and stories

We are one of the oldest prose and poetry posting sites on the web.

We have been here since 2000. We are devoted to all literature. Here you can write poetry, short stories, essays, and even entire books! You don't write? If you like to read, you will find some of the best authors on the web writing about just about anything. There is something here for everyone. Prose-n-Poetry has been designed to be a family site for prose, poetry and other literature.

We have poetry workshops, stories workshops, poetry contests and stories contests.

Writers can define their own contests and award points as prizes. Books can be made from existing works, for example a number of related poems can be grouped together as a book. Books can also be created and then chapters added to form a novel or novella. Works are given suggested ages by the authors.


To protect our members against spam we use a special email system. Email is relayed through the site. You can opt out of newsletters at any time.

Authors control how their works are presented

In the first example you can see that the font color is a customized blue. The page has been narrowed and uses a custom color. The comments area is black while the text is white. A picture has also been added:
In this example a background was chosen. The curlicues at the top right and left of the paper have also been customized.

Non-members can comment and email any author.

You don't need to be a member to comment or email authors, However to submit works, a person needs to join. We have three levels of membership: Free, Silver and Gold. Free members enjoy the major features of the site.

You can write here for free

Paying dues is not required but membership does conveys more privileges. Our dues are very small, $10 for 6 months for Silver Members and $5 for anyone under 18. Gold membership conveys more site privileges and is only $10 for 3 months. Our nearest competitor charges at least 3X what Prose-n-Poetry does .We have more features for far less money than any other prose and poetry posting site.

Our popups are never ads

Popups are used quite a bit on the site so you will want to turn off your popup blocker. All popups are relevant to the site. We never use popup ads.

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