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Megan Aeos

Michigan, United States

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Date Joined: July 13, 2011
Last Bio Update: July 13, 2011

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Hey, I'm Sailor Speicalis, the Senshi of Secrets and Shadows. My name is Megan Aeos, I'm sixteen and Speicalis is Latin for Secrets. My weapon is the Mirror of Shadows. I am good at keeping secrets and work along side my partners, Sailor Phasmetis, Somnium and Astrum. Phasmetis is Nadia Raine, she's 18 and my best friend. She is the Senshi of Mind and Illusions, Phasmetis is Spirit in Latin. Somnium is Okashi Yume, she's 25 and acts like my mentor. She is the Senshi of Dreams and Fantasy, Somnium is Dream in Latin. Astrum is Isabelle Hollow, she's the youngest, 13 and very shy, I treat her like my little sister. She is the Senshi of Stars and Mystery, Asturm is Latin for Star. That is about me in the story, Sailor Moon Odyssey, the next story of the series. I hope you enjoy it and the trouble me and my firends had to confront with the help of Usagi, Sailor Moon.

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