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Lyle Berry

(Age: 70)
Florida, United States

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Engineer by day, poet, singer, songwriter, guitarist at night and weekends. I've wandered all my life strumming my guitars and singing my songs. Hence the nickname "Minstrelman". I play bass guitar with two classic rock bands on the Treasure Coast in Florida. I also play six string guitar, harmonica and a little synthesizer. My hobbies (besides music) include gun and knife collecting. Here's a poem I wrote which too often sums up my life.Thanks for reading!! God bless!!!!

Ode to Lost Opportunities

Oh, you know who you are!

Things I should have done, Girls I should have kissed,

Flowers I should have sniffed.

Candies I should have popped into my mouth,

Kittens I should have cuddled, Dog’s ears I should have scratched,

“Would you like to dance?”’s I shouldn’t have whispered so inaudibly

… Springs and Falls I should have inhaled (then rubbed and absorbed into my flesh like myrrh),

Sand and sea-foam I should have enjoyed with my toes, Warm woods I should have explored

… Inviting streams I should have dove headlong into - no fear of rocks.

You know all too well, as do I!

Patience I should have demonstrated

- Children I should have been a real parent to.

Hands I should have stretched out,

Compassion I should have shown, Offerings I should have made.

Hungry folks I should have fed, Dues I should have paid, Help I should have offered, Wrongs I should have righted.

“Sorry”s and “Please, forgive me”s, I should have pleaded, “I love you”s I should not have said, “I love you”s I did not say, but should have - too late! “Good-bye”s and “fare-thee-well” s forgotten.

Birthdays, holidays and special occasions overlooked in selfishness, Deaths ignored and funerals thus avoided, Preoccupied with worry, Overwhelmed and absorbed with self.

Justifying and rationalizing always: “I did the right thing at the time – Ha!”

And of course it is all-irrevocable; Can’t go back, you can never go back.

Cannot do, cannot undo, cannot redress, cannot unbreak!

“Sorry!”doesn’t cut it now, if it ever did. “If you can’t change it, why worry about it?”

“Oh, yeah, sure, easy for you to say!” But it’s a knife in my guts

…the guilt, the regret, and the remorse

The embarrassment, the pain, the agony,

the epiphany of a lifetime of lost opportunities.

Copyright 2007 Lyle R. Berry aka Minstrelman

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