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Chelsea Armstrong

(Age: 32)
Connecticut, United States

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Date Joined: October 7, 2003
Last Bio Update: May 18, 2007
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Dues expired on March 8, 2008

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Hiyas everyone! *waves* I am Chelsea, though I am sure you knew that already *smiles* I am a very focused writer here in Prose-N-Poetry. I take my work seriously as well as all my comments. I work hard at what I do. I love to write for all of your entertainment. I first was interested in this site, because it had a lot of Sailor Moon stuff linked to it. I read some works here done by other authors, and I just instantly fell in love with it all. I was inspired to do my best and let my emotions and my wild imagination run wild. I hope you all can find the same comfort here as I have. To the new comers here to the Prose-N-Poetry family, WELCOME Home! We look forward to reading your exciting poetry, stories and other things you chose to share here. To those already members, keep up the amazing jobs you all are doing. Love you all. BAI! *waves* Keep your eyes open....I gots lots more poetry coming your way! Check out my NEW book....called The Best of Chelsea....hope you enjoy!

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1+ 07-24-10 558 I have returned...
1+ 05-31-06 1476 A Message to All My Friends
Yes 1+ 03-31-05 1252 Pray for Him
Custom Ages Date Hits Praise Title
16+ 11-20-08 826 Rest Weary Angel
18+ 10-18-08 828 Long Live That Day...
1+ 02-25-08 852 Thank You (A Tribute to my Friends here on PnP)
Yes 18+ 01-09-08 892 My Sweet Sacrifice
16+ 06-29-07 912 When We Stop Running
Custom Ages Date Hits Praise Title
Yes 18+ 01-25-07 1167 Regret
13+ 04-20-06 1271 Sands Of Time
Yes 7+ 03-10-06 1244 When You Said Good-Bye
10+ 01-31-06 1253 Unheard Pleas
Yes 13+ 09-24-05 1279 Listen To His Song
16+ 07-24-05 1059 My Fairy Tale Nightmare
Yes 10+ 03-14-05 1926 Love & Hate
Yes 13+ 11-09-04 1692 Who Is She?
7+ 11-03-04 1274 Meaning of Poetry In My Eyes
7+ 10-05-04 1686 What Love Is
Yes 10+ 07-20-04 1249 Wake Up
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