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Jeanette Foresta

(Age: 65)
New York, United States

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Date Joined: July 30, 2001
Last Bio Update: June 29, 2013
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I am an artist, I like to paint sometimes.I like to write and have written a screenplay. I am also a published poet, and essayest. I want to know the truth about life, and I will tell you two ways to look at it, what you watch on TV, and what you learn from reading. The truth is there. I suggest Behold a Pale Horse. by William Milton Cooper x-Navy man. Who was killed running to his house a few years ago.There is a lot to what he was saying on his internet radio show. I am a streamlink member with George Norey who took over for Art Bell, but, he is doing shows again. It is mostly about the truth behind the scenes, history, many Authors, people ho hav had UFO sightings,people who have been abducted.Remote viewers's such as Ed Dames,Sean David Morton, and people who know what will happen in the future. I am starting a internet business selling home furnishings for under retail prices from a catalog I bought into five years ago. I am finally busy doing something that could possibly supplement my income. Or, should I say my non-income. I am un-employed.

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