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Brittney N. Nasca

(Age: 27)
New York, United States

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Date Joined: August 4, 2004
Last Bio Update: November 9, 2013
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Hello fellow writers and avid readers. It's been quite some time since my last activity here - 6 years in fact. We all know people change a lot in just 6 years, especially when growing from adolescents into adulthood. I'm excited to be back here, posting my writings from over the more recent years to get feedback from what I already know to be a wonderful group of people. Of course I am here to do the same with my fellow writers and help other become better writers as they help me. The feedback I recieved 6-7 years ago when I began posting here helped me grow a lot as a writer. I will leave all my older works unedited to show the imporvement I've made in my writing and postings over the years. 


I still write more poetry than prose, as a work of prose takes a great deal more time and are more complex. However, that does not mean I do not write prose at all. Most of my best prose have been class assignments, where my best poetry is always spontanious. I do have a specific style that I have chosen to adapt as my own. It's a new form of poetry, and forgive me but it doesn't really seem to have a name (or one that I can find). However, it is taken after the style of the famous poet Susan Howe. I read some of her poetry in a writing class I was taking, and her style simply amazed me. Basically, it is a visually artistic poetry. Instead of just forming imagery in the mind with beautiful words, those words also dance around the paper, using up all the white space and panting a picture of the flow. I also have taken a shine to prose-poetry, however this more free-form and asteically pleasing poetry has most certainly become my favorite writing style.

I hope you enjoy :)

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13+ 06-20-05 854 Labels
10+ 06-10-05 1028 The Rain
10+ 05-30-05 985 I Shall Never Know
13+ 02-10-05 990 Just Life
13+ 01-04-05 1492 Teen Years
18+ 11-13-04 824 The I Learned
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