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Sarah Anne Campbell

(Age: 21)
Manitoba, Canada

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Dear suicide,
You must be proud. Well guess what? I hate you. I hate you with every bone and ounce of blood in my body. You destroy. You rip lives apart. You steal truth and implant lives. You're a coward. You're a scum. I hate what you do. I hate everything about you. you wait; you linger; you hunt. You know your game. I know your way. I know what you do when you whisper, tempt and lead them astray. You make them think that death will ease their pain and that this is the only way. You creep right in, then make your play. You sit in the background and articulate your scheme. You choose the hopeless, the depressed, and those with low self-esteem. You choose the boy/girl, the plumber, the stay-at-home mom. You take the preacher, the weaker, the rich and the poor. You take them all with you with your bite and your sting. You laugh at their weakness. You thrive on their pain. You ruin so many lives that this has just become a game. How do you think this will end? Do you think you can get them all? Do you think that all of us are going to take your fall? You see, you took our friends and for that you are going to pay. It doesn't end pretty. It doesn't end today. Let me tell you something, this "game" that you play, won't go on forever. No, you won't get them all. You won't win. I've got the eight ball.
Your lies, deception, depression will end. You think you're on a roll. You think you can snag every soul with your snare. I know you don't want to hear this, but this doesn't end well for you. You see, there is someone stronger. Someone smarter. Someone more powerful than you. And that person, is you.

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