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Haley Robinson

(Age: 24)
Virginia, United States

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Date Joined: November 25, 2005
Last Bio Update: June 14, 2007

Dues expired on September 2, 2007

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*UPDATES!!* Everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that... CHAPTER FOUR OF UNSHED TEARS IS SUBMITTED Click here to read it! I want to appologize for not being around much lately, but now that my finals are over and school's out, I should be able to spend more time here. And by the way, I'd prefer if you guys don't read "A Summer in Britain" if you haven't already. I think it's kinda sloppy, so I'm gonna edit it later... =]
Haley's the name, and writing's my game! Well, most of you guys probably know my as *Sugar Goddess*, but, hey, for all you new people, you might as well know my REAL name =P. Anyway, I'm 13 and a rising 9th grader. I'm a young person in my grade, but that's okay =P. Other than writing, I'm really into music, and I listen to it to the point where people think I can't survive a day without it. It makes me relaxed, and I pretty much like every genre known to man, except for Heavy Metal and Folk Music =P. One thing you'll never EVER want to mess with is my ipod =]. Want me to recomend some bands? Email me! I was a HUGE fan of sailor moon, but now I just watch the movies every now and then.. I enjoy writing, and reading, and I try to comment as many things as I can. Please, return me the favor and comment a few of my works. I really do appreciate feedback on my work. I really want to improve in all ways possible! If you wanna talk to me, email me, or go to the chat. Most likely I'll be there! Anyway, Here are my friends from PnP:: Leigh G.-chan [a.k.a. Lemon Sorbet] Mehrina B.-chan [a.k.a. Blanket] Jordan Screws-san [a.k.a. Footlocker] Sammy A.-chan [a.k.a. Fishsticks Jr.] Samantha H.-chan [a.k.a. Fishsticks the Third] Jonathan Charles E.-chan [a.k.a. COUCH!] Mike Macdonald-chan [a.k.a. Mailbox] or [MIKEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY] If I haven't added your name, please email me and tell me! I want to make sure I get everyone! And, just to let you all know my name has a long A, so it's supposed to be pronounced like Hailey, not Hally. And, though my name is written Haley, not Hailey, I just wanted to let you all know it is pronounced that way. Alright, I'm probably confusing you guys, because I have already confused myself... =] Adios mis amigos!! And always remember the spanish sentance of success:: El gato flamado esta en mis pantolones!! [Translation: There is a flaming cat in my pants] I know, I can be kinda weird =P
Alright, well, buh-bye =]

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