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Alexandra Spencer

(Age: 27)
Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Date Joined: November 22, 2006
Last Bio Update: October 4, 2012
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Hi, my name is Alexandra, I was born in England UK and still live here now,I finished school in 2006 at 15 two months before my 16th, as my birthday is in August after the school year is over in June/July and before the new school year in September. I started college for one day a week for 2 years while during my last two years of school so that would have been year 10 and 11, 2004 - 2006, I carried on with college until 2009 and found a part time to full time job.

For those who do not understand the school system in the UK here is a wiki link, you'll have to copy and paste as I cannot get a link up and running. My favourite colour is pink,I have lots of free time to play video games.

I totally love Sailor Moon,I own a lot of Sailor Moon CD'S, Movies in dubbed, 2 series also in English, and also all 5 series in Japanese. I own a lot of sailor moon toys,lockets, figurines,wands, pgsm stuff, posters and a few other stuff as well. I love Christmas and Halloween, I make Sailor Moon AMV's and are posted on You tube.

I enjoy video games, I am also a Yugioh player and I also love being on my computer and I love to cook ^__^. And that is about it about me thanks for reading I'll update real soon.

Hi everyone, sailor universe has been updated since I have now found the book on my very old computer, hope you guys enjoy it.

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7+ 10-31-08 957 Chapter 6 of my book is now up ^_^
1+ 10-27-08 904 My Top 10 Disney Movies
Yes 1+ 10-27-08 3495 Sailor Scouts attacks and transformations
Yes 1+ 10-23-08 959 What I love about Prose-n-poetry
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13+ 06-30-10 1144 Lover's poem
Custom Ages Date Hits Praise Title
7+ 04-12-09 834 Rap # 3
7+ 12-31-08 926 Rap poem # 2
16+ 11-30-08 916 Without You
10+ 10-20-08 1006 Rap poem
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