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Vanessa Anderson

(Age: 42)
Minnesota, United States

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Date Joined: August 14, 2008
Last Bio Update: June 16, 2009
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I found freedom in pen and paper at about eight years old... writing short stories for my mother. Then I allowed my wings to wither and gave them up as I grew up for the "real world". I have been gradually reclaiming them, as I became a mother while I was in the Service... Now that I am no longer serving my Country, I am living my other dreams as a mother, best friend to the man of my dreams ( just took a few tries to find him LOL) and I have my farm! My wings have come back slowly. Although most times what I write is very dark... I hope to find healing by letting some darkness from the inside out for the first time... it's a big step in learning to trust. Thank you for having the interest in reading some of my stuff!! And for sharing your own with me! I truly enjoy, constructive criticism. I starving for conversation up here in the hinterlands!!

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