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Forgive Me

by Travis Bauer (Age: 30)
copyright 06-02-2003

Age Rating: 13 +

If only there was a way
A way to ease the pain that I've caused
That I could change what I've done
I'd give anything to ask for your forgiveness
Even though you probably don't care anymore
Just don't leave me here to wander the earth until death
In death there is no way to show my forgiveness
Please forgive me
Forgive me for starting that fight
For telling you it was over
And lastly, for wanting you out of my life
Forgive me

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        11-16-2004     SamiJo Mcquiston        

Yikes, sounds like you picked a bad fight.
I like this, you must really love her.
I hope you got back together.
Keep up the good work.

        02-10-2004     Rebecca Pedigo        

I really like this. I've read your other poems. Sounds like things i went through. keep adding cuz i'd love to read more poems like yours.

        01-09-2004     Cortney Jaruzel        

Well, If this poem came from a recent life experience, And if i were in this sort of situation, I'de still be hurt from the past. But this poem Is so beautiful, and It speaks so much with even one word. GOod job.

        11-05-2003     Leah Garrison        

I am running out of elegant terms in which to wrap the intense feelings of WOWness I experience whenever I read your work. This poem is so touching; it captures a moment, thoughts, emotions, the silent, earsplitting cry of mourning and regret. I am so amazed by the way you are able to weave words into a single poetic tapestry.

        09-25-2003     Christopher Doss        

Sometimes the need to say you are sorry is far greater than the need to be forgiven. This is very good.

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