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ive always wanted to be the little mermaid that everyone loved

by Jenny Stein (Age: 29)
copyright 06-18-2003

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I want to drown. Not in the self pity sea. Not in the river in my back yard, the one that turns brown and enraged when the rain visits.
I want to lose myself in the only liquid necessary for man to keep up on his whole existence Idea; love. I want to drown in a sea of love. I want to immerse myself in those big blue eyes, the lakes that I have admired only at a distance. Sometimes I wonder what lies under the surface, what fish I could catch, what worms I would bait my hooks with.
Sometimes I want to find the bottom of your bodies of waters , swim until the sunlight is turned down to a trickle. I will be alone , suspended by your beauty. Suspended in your beauty., I will grow gills and fins. Mermaids must be great lovers.

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