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Travel in time

by Walter Jones (Age: 72)
copyright 06-25-2003

Age Rating: 10 +

When time measures it's path in trips around the sun
Then I know my days are done
Within the allotted time my life is run
Into the sea of life and sin
I have now found the peace that lives with in
Sounds of day fall into the quiet night
My heart it shouts turn out the light
Still somewhere in the bliss I remember
Her first kiss and passion flows inside
My soul and I am not ready to go
Picking up my stick I walk another mile or two
A long the way I see the likes of you
A tempting site I must admit like roasting pig
Upon the spit, already for the main course
Across the land I see what brought this all on me
A life almost complete and yet I never left this one street
A narrow view of time that lives in side my mind
A chapter written book and verse soul forgiven

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        05-02-2009     Susan Brown        

Picking up my stick, I walk into the days ahead, smiling. Traveling is a gift selected for some, but not given "unfortunately" to all. Nice to see you on this narrow road.

        07-03-2003     Barry Clopton Lanier        

Heartfelt originality, and it is originality that stamps the credence of our little blessing,,,,thanks again

        06-27-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Well done Walt. Another view of life!

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