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The Nightmare

by aprilchicken
copyright 07-21-2003

Age Rating: 13 +

The nightmares run over and over in my head.
I try to find why I feel dead.
Nothing works as my heart slowly crumbles.
My eyes turn black with pain.
My face evil and ugly as a witch.
I try to think of how I could switch.
I want for a day to be the one with the pretty face. Not the one how is stared at for being how I am.
I want to be free to roam the land.
I want to smile without being stared at and walk holding a dream.
But then I wake up and realize it was only a dream. My nightmare is back as I think of why this is happening to me.
Nothing shows me the truth and I only see me.

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        04-20-2013     fatalflaw        

nice poem. . nightmares are only a mindset. . stay positive. .and they will become wonderful dreams. . thanx for sharing and have a wonderful day. . keep writing and keep smile'n keep your chin up. .

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