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A Pauper Served By The King

by Barry Clopton Lanier (Age: 61)
copyright 08-26-2003

Age Rating: 18 +

It defies all understanding Lord,why you gave your life for me,
The ruler chose a fate that chills, blood spilt at Calvary.
So when my heart gets so restless, life's a tossing, turning sea.
I walk back to that lonely hill, on my knees find rest in Thee.
Chorus: Oh Jehovah, Master, Friend of Mine
My soul in praise I sing..........
It defies all understanding, Lord
A pauper The KING
Should I wander from the Pathway Lord, You lead, I don't get lost,
By your blood and your promises, find my way back to the Cross.
I shall not fear the battle, for you're always by my side,
My prayer will be your glory, if Thou shall be my guide

Repeat Chorus:
Please let me make this, just one promise, To serve Thee til' the end,
Be forever near me Lord, my Master, my best friend.
Repeat Chorus:
Bridge: "I shall not fear the battle,"
"For you're always by my side"
"Won't wander from The Pathway"
"If Thou shalt be my guide"
"I shall not fear the battle"
"For the battle's already won"
"That day that death was conquered"
"The day you gave your Son"
Close: Oh Jehovah, Master,....Friend of Mine,
My soul in praise I sing.
Ten thousand hosts of angels wait,
Just sitting on their wings.
Guess I'll really never understand,
But my soul in praise still sings,
It defies all understanding Lord,
This pauper served by......THE KING

Inspired by the Rev,J.Wilson. Demo to Kindred Spirit c/o Raney Recording Studio, Drasco,Ar.72530

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        10-27-2004     Lyle Berry        

A wonderful Christian song - I would love to hear it performed. Great stuff Barry! I did not realize you were also a songwriter....Alzheimers I guess...LOL!

Best Regards,

        09-14-2004     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

Setting my own beliefs aside to fairly rate and judge your work...

The words are expertly chosen, the flow is smooth, and the topic immaculate! Not many actually know God's name is Jehovah, and some of those who do feel uncomfortable using it. Believe it or not, the first time I remember hearing Jehovah's name was in an Amy Grant song (she says it in a couple of them).

I did a great deal of research into the tetragramatin (sp?) and found that not only did He have a name, but it was not illegal for us to use (as ancient Jews would have us believe) and that Jesus came here to vindicate and glorify God's name!

Anyway... I've learned that God's name is very important and I personally feel I've become much closer to Him once I started using it on a regular basis in my prayers, etc. It was nice to see it here, as well as your love for Jehovah that's evident in every line. Very refreshing!

        08-31-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Sonorous words, wonderful descriptive language and incredibly spiritual. Top ratings all around, for style and religious content. Marvelous job Barry.

        08-28-2003     Janet Owenby        

Poured your heart into this one Barry and gave me chills. Are any of us mere paupers deserving of God's Grace and yet so many times we blame him for the pain in our lifes. Your words will make your readers pause and think. Well they did me.
Thanks, I needed to read this today.

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