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by Melissa Andersson (Age: 28)
copyright 09-08-2003

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This is my dog,Dixie
We sometimes call her Pixie
Everybody knows
She's got the cutest nose
And she has those floppy ears
She can run just like the deers
Her cute little paws
Her long,sharp claws
She has a little spot
On the end of her bot
I like her wagging tail
She just got out of jail
For stealing some chicken
That's her favorite pickin'
So soft is her fur
She likes those that purr
She likes to have talks
After her long walks
She has the cutest mouth
And she's from the south
She loves eating food
For every single mood
My baby's a barrel of fun
Who likes to bask in the sun
Her cute,wet tongue
Her puppy lung
Her wrinkled pork chop of a leg
When she starts her artful beg
All day long she sleeps like a log
That is the story of my dog


This poem is dedicated to my little(or fat)doggie,Dixie Belle Daisy Deborah Baby Schnoofff Jiggle Jello Tummy Porky Chicky Beefy Hot Dog Marshmallow Lover Hope Remember A.

Your loving sister and playmate,Melissa

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        08-08-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

Very cute poem! Did you make up that long name while you writing the poem or did you remember all that? Anyway, great poem!

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