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The Mystery

by Jack Curson (Age: 41)
copyright 09-26-2003

Age Rating: 1 +

An upside down ocean of air,
big fluffy thoughts that float away,
my sorrow,
my tears,
soft wet frozen tears.

A cinnamon red hot breaks through the big flufly thoughts,
stopping my sorrow and my tears,
melts my soft, wet, frozen tears,
the cinnamon red hot goes away.

A quarter in the bottom of a deep, dark pool,
sits on diamonds.

Infinite Freedom,


He smiles upon me!

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        10-29-2005     Walter Jones        

A image in emotion and life. A true smile in words, touched me in mind. Walt

        10-28-2005     Deborah Thomas        

I had read something completely different into this... and I thought I was so good at interpreting metaphors! lol.
Then I got down to your explanation.
What an extravagant way to put into words the simple pleasure of watching the day turn to night, the weather.. perhaps a front moved through and brought some rain and snow? Then cleared for a beautiful winter's night.
Thank you for the vision... Debbie Thomas

        01-04-2004     Katie Langolf        

very good poem Jack, keep writing.

        11-16-2003     Barry Clopton Lanier        

great inspirational prose Jack,,,

        11-16-2003     chibimars        

i think this is one of the greatest poems i ever read this month! great job

        11-16-2003     Christopher Doss        

Awesome poem...I look forward to more

        11-16-2003     Janet Owenby        

Highest ratings Jack, I loved the origonal use of metaphors in this poem. The flow is good, the message is strong, Everything a great poem should have, in my humble opinion.

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