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by Walter Jones (Age: 72)
copyright 09-28-2003

Age Rating: 13 +

My lord stopped today
My words just got in the way
Of all the feelings in my heart
Like the time that I said, I wish I were dead

He reminded me of how we drifted apart
In the silence of these words it was his love I heard
He simply said it is okay
We can stop and talk today

Children in the past, I promised more than that
I held all the words Iíve said to view
He simply smiled and said I love you my child
Those are things Iíd never hold you to

When the world was new, I first saw you
A special gift, I gave made all your skies blue
I knew the promises you would not be able to keep
Still from the pain, I granted you sleep

In your hands I trusted those who youíve come to love
You know that I love them too
It will be hard, I know, when itís time for you to go
Theyíve become so dependent on you

My hand will guide them along, now donít you fret
It will not be that long and the world will grant you peace
I do understand you are a man, faults donít become you
So tall above the rest, you truly have been blessed

There are times I am truly proud of you
Still there are days that should have been put away
I looked and though you tried, you also lied
Now just what am I to do with you

In all the prayers you say
I find you love me anyway
I know, you know that I love you
Inside your heart beats strong

Now before I move along
I want you to be the best you can
And do not fear, when you fail, I understand
For once upon this very earth

I too was a man

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        09-18-2013     Regina Lehman        

Good poem it tells about how all of the trials on this earth that you have suffered and when Jesus walked on this earth he too suffered the ridicule from people ho did not believe that he was the Son of God.

        01-25-2010     Frank Fields        

Would that we could all have such
"conversations." Rather than the dire exhortations most often heard from half-baked and half-knowledgeable, arrogant creatures, this by far is a more meaningful presentation of truly civilized thought. I don't often, never really, comment on the technicals of your work. It isn't necessary. But, use of the word lord in lower-case is, to me, highly significant and moves this work to even a higher level than it obtained anyway.


Frank :)

        01-25-2010     Mae Futter Stein        

Hello Walter,
In our hearts holds the love of God; who knows all truths and untruths. No one is perfect, otherwise we wouldn't be here for trial and temptations. He knows all. Your poem was a poem of your conscious talking to God, I think.
Thant's the way I understood it. Very nice and
it is true, "God was once a man". Thanks for sharing with us again.............Mae

        01-25-2010     Raja Sharma        

For once upon this very earth

I too was a man

Every line being very thoughtfully arranged and carved, excellently conveying the beautiful thoughts arising in the beautiful mind, take me to the concluding lines which make me utter,"Exquisite ! Marvelous!

Sir, after a very long time I see the persona in a very different mood, leaving aside all the classicism of the past poetic journeys emanating from your beautiful mind.

God bless you

        02-11-2007     Wayne Thomas        

What a poem! Wow! Thought provoking and just begging to be read over and over. "I too was a man." The style is a bit difficult for me, but that last line made it whole. Good piece.

        02-10-2007     Deborah Thomas        

A nice bedtime read... to remember that He grants us peace and grace. That we may have sleep despite all of our short comings.

        10-10-2003     Janet Owenby        

Highets ratings on this one as well. This is one of my favorite poems you have wrtten the message is powerful and extremely clear.

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