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by Regina S.
copyright 10-06-2003

Age Rating: 7 +

You think they're your friends,
so trusting and kind,
but when you need them most,
they'll just dump you behind.

They'll take anything from you,
leave you down in the dust.
They'll crumple your spirit,
they'll destroy your trust.

They're cunning and devious,
pathetic and rude.
They'll just leave you hanging
and crush your good mood.

They're cruel and they're heartless,
a waste of your time.
They're sly and they're slippery,
and made up of slime.

And just when they can't get any lower,
oh they'll find a way.
They'll try their absolute hardest
to ruin your day.

Don't let them get to you,
get under your skin.
Don't play their stupid game,
for then they'll surely win.

They crave your attention,
so show them you don't care,
you are so above them,
just pretend they're not there.

There will always be traitors,
unfaithful, untrue,
but there'll also be friends
that will always love you.

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        01-09-2006     Mehrina Asif        

There is this one quote that says "A true friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out". Would traitors fit under the ones who walk out? I believe they would. Great poem, Regina! Encouraging people to ignore the traitors, and never feel bad because of them. You write really well! Your rhymes are excellent, and I am astounded by how you manage to keep the poem going! I have a real hard time with that. ^.^` Great write!

        03-11-2004     Matthew Czigan        

hey I wonder what those "traitors" would say if they read that poem,lol. it is very influential, something that tells the truth about nearly everyone in this world, "back in the good ol' days," the world had fewer of these people probably because they feared the police officers or whatever we had for law inforcment. well for friends we got parents that don't care what there kids do anymore. not in the least.


        01-19-2004     Alixandria Warren        


        01-19-2004     Tara Manning        

YEAH!GO GIRL!*cough cough..sits down* love the poem. -_-

        10-27-2003     Leah Garrison        

oy... who can NOT relate to this besides those people on the top of the food chain?

        10-17-2003     Christopher Doss        

You must go to the same school I, I should try to be more serious sometimes.
Very true, for some backstabbing is a lifestyle, very sad...

        10-14-2003     Meagan Shafer        

i liked it, it seaks the truth!!! keep writing!

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