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Inner Life

by Joan Jotz (Age: 64)
copyright 12-09-2003

Age Rating: 10 +

A gentle silence stirs my soul;
Tender moments, genuine memories,
Cast sweet spells that haunt my destiny.
Reality shadows fantasy
With the warmth of touch,
And desire's sanctuary
Burns bright with innocent fire.
Here...among the depths of
Inner life...tranquility envelops
All want, all need...

The softness of a breath
Reveals warm springs of
Purest emotion...enduring devotion.
An Eden of perpetual enchantment
Created in the instant of a kiss...
Taken up by the wind of a sigh,
And scattered like stars
Across love's sapphire canvas.
Ecstasy finds it's haven
In delicate visions of adoration...
And fulfills my desperate longings
In secret contemplation.

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        10-14-2004     Amanda Carroll        

*big tear-filled anime eyes* So pretty! T.T *passes tissues around to toy dolls*

        12-21-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Truly one of your best. It is so peaceful, so melodious. I suppose it is because of your musical training that you are able to reach down into someone's soul and create such a tranquil mood. Just marvelous Joan.

        12-14-2003     Regina S.        

"And scattered like stars across love's sapphire canvas" are you for real!? that is one of the most beautifulest lines in poetry that i have ever read!! *going to read more of your poems now!* ^-^ By the way, your pic is amazing! It is soo prettiful! n_n

        12-13-2003     Paul Kangas        

sounds kinda erotic, but thats why I like it, very deep!

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