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A Day in The Life

by Delaney Lindley (Age: 28)
copyright 12-13-2003

Age Rating: 13 +
A Day in The Life

Time to get up
And start a new day,
Nothing I put on looks right
So I tear my eyes away
So much pressure to be perfect
Time to be a "perfect" disgrace,
Time to leave the protection of my room
With tons of make up on my face

Take a pill
That promises to make me thin
No one knows or sees
The battle I'm trying to win
But I can't gain anything,
Cause nothing's going in

I want to be perfect
Everyone else is
I'm trying my best and still losing
What more can I give?
Deprived of all the warmth
Terrified and cold
Hopeless empty moments
With nothing left to hold

Pill after pill
That promise to make me thin
Nobody cares
About the battle I'm trying to win
But I can't gain anything
Cause nothing's going in

My friends tell me I look fine
That I should stay this way
The way I am disgusts me
No matter what they say

My reflection
Constantly fights to be free,
It's sad...
I used to like me
Times I miss
When life was good,
I know that I can't change myself
But I know somehow I should
Struggling to be normal
In everything I do,
Everybody knows who I am...
I wish I did too.

Author's note: This is dedicated to Megan Collins. My buddy who tried tome type of diet pills that made her miserable. So, yeah... this is for her.

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        05-23-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Drinking or doing drugs does not make the problem go away. It only helps you forget about it. When you sober up or come down, the problem will still be there and you will have less time to fix it! This poem has a good message, nice write! Anthony

        12-21-2003     Christopher Doss        

Very glad to see this on the main page.

        12-18-2003     Janet Owenby        

To me a great poem sends a good message and to me this one does. I gave it highest ratings.

        12-17-2003     Cortney Jaruzel        

I love it. :)

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