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My List

by Regina S.
copyright 12-25-2003

Age Rating: 1 +

Some rocket boots,
some water skis,
a robot that
will eat my peas.

A submarine,
a UFO,
a cool machine
that makes it snow.

A red balloon
that won’t deflate,
a really shiny
golden plate.

A rainbow slinky,
a baseball set,
the fiercest tiger
for a pet.

A pair of shoes
that tie themselves,
a hundred comics
for my shelves.

A cool guitar,
a PS2,
a zebra and
a kangaroo.

A laser beam,
a see-through coat,
a fishing pole,
a giant boat.

A loyal steed,
a candy store,
a hippie wig,
a dinosaur.

That is my list
of everything
that Santa Clause
forgot to bring.

Hope you got all you wanted, and something even more! ^-^

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        10-05-2004     Tara Manning        

I always love your poems! They're so much better than those I write!I enjoy reading them!
This rocked!

        01-12-2004     Toni Sweeney        

Did u ever get the Unicorn?

        01-06-2004     Christopher Doss        

Man, Santa is slacking isn't he? lol

        01-04-2004     Anne Whelmer        

A perfect little poem!!! I love it!!!!!!!! MERRY be-lated CHRISTMAS everyone!!!

        12-30-2003     hedwig        

lol very cute. Though I didn't get the see-through coat thing. Unless they made something like it. AHHHH I FEEL OLD SAVE ME!

        12-29-2003     Toni Sweeney        

Great poem and Merry Christmas to :)

        12-29-2003     Paul Kangas        

very cute! :D

        12-28-2003     Debra Rose        

LOL! This is a great poem, Reggie!!

You know what Santa forgot to bring me? Maid service to clean my room!!! *Sobs* It's so messy! LOL! I hope you get your comics for you soon. Great job!


        12-26-2003     Gregory Christiano        

Very lyrical and sing song...another Christmas tune! Nicely done Regina.

        12-25-2003     Regina S.        

By the way, the last stanza isn't mine, I wrote this from a challange I got! :)

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