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by Shannon Jaime
copyright 12-31-2003

Age Rating: 13 +

You desperately try to deny
The intricate web of lies you weaved;
Your mind only mocks your tainted soul
For the nave susceptible you have deceived.

Retribution will be your undoing:
The spindled threads of fate unravel;
Fear the crimson destiny created:
Oblivion will drown you in liquid mystery.

Reality fades into an illusion:
Chaotic nightmare,
Malicious confusion;
Your sense of security is no longer there
As the future disappears into the shadows of despair.

Hear the cry of one you scorned,
Their whispers deafening to your ears;
The years burn to ashes, fiery demise,
And the phoenix of fury shall eternally rise.

The world is slowly crumbling around you
Because of sin burdened upon your heart;
Demons of darkness have already found you,
And no one is there to save you from the fall...

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