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Don't fear

by Tara Manning (Age: 25)
copyright 01-08-2004

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I don't think as a young girl that i would ever think about ghosts.Perhaps monsters under the bed but my mother was always there to comfort me when i was scared.

I haven't told you of my mother, she disappeared and we never saw her again.We didn't send out a search party for Father assumed she was dead.Of course, he didn't say such a thing to me, he daren't.

My name is Ruby,I was 6 when my mother went missing but i am 14 now.We are rather, well-off ,dad and I. Posh if you like but when i say we i do not mean just father and I, I mean Mother too.
(There i am again rabbiting on,i had forgotten to tell you how my mother disappeared,typical of me. I don't know really, i heard a glass smash downstairs when my father was down with her and i crept round the corner of the kitchen,they were looking at a scroll argueing and when i awoke the next morning went to school and came back, father and i realised she had gone, I ignored the fake surprised look on father's face.)

I was lying in bed one night, not able to sleep, and i saw something from what appeared to be the spirit of my mother!

"Mother?"I gasped,"Is that you?"
The spirit nodded and smiled at me.It truly was mother.
"Mother!I miss you, do not go please!"
The spirit faded away and left me shivering when all of a sudden spirits began to dance all around me.They quickly rushed through me and i did not see more of it that night.
First i was scared,who are they, so dead wild in their attire?I tried not to let it bother me but thoughts do not clear from your head, bad ones anyway.

"Father,"I said the next morning,"do spirits harm in anyway?"
Father looke alarmed,why?I did not know but later i was to find out.
"Spirits?Ghosts?,"was his rather artifically unconcerned rejoinder,"Who has taught you of such nonsense?"
I then began to feel it was rather silly of me to ask such a question.Father was right nonsense!I thought of course, nonsense we did not speak.
That night i was tossing and turning in bed until i finnally sat up and looked at the end of my bed.
"Come with me!"Said mother,"I need you Ruby!We all need you!"
I gasped at the hands that were appearing in thin air.
"I am coming for you mother!"I exclaimed,"i'm coming!"
I leapt to the end of my bed and the hands pulled me into a dark, iscolated place.
I stared and gawped at the dusty frozen atmosphere, then stopped when i saw who sat in the throne at the end.
"Ruby,"he said,"My young,beautiful daughter.I am sorry."
He took my hand and lead me into a strange misty liquid substance.As i walked through it my soul was lifted and my body grew weaker.

My body.The body that now lay on the floor.Me,look at me,i'm a, a spirit!
(The End)

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