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The Bonfire and the Stupid Horse

by Jessica May (Age: 25)
copyright 01-09-2004

Age Rating: 7 +

There once was a kid named AJ. He was a fat 11 year old with long blonde hair and had his ear pierced. He had a pet horse named Mo. He also had three brothers naemd: Bob, Barney, and Margaret. Margaret didn't fit in too well... AJ real name was Apple Juice. One day the family was having a cookout and a bonfire. Well the horse was stupid so he jumped into the fire. AJ jumped on the horse to put him out, but he just caught on fire. Then the dad tried to put out the horse with gasoline. They both blew up. The 3 brothers got some water and put them out. The horse was dead, but AJ was just unconcious. The grandma walked over and poked AJ wirh a stick. He didn't move. She poked him again. He still didn't move. The grandma WHACKED him with the stick. He still didnt move. "He's dead," said the grandma. The mom screamed. This is all YOUR fault!" she said pointing at the dad. She smacked him with the stick. "Oh never mind, he's moving," muttered the granma. AJ slowly got up. "I feel like Ive been whacked by a stick a 100 times!" exclaimed AJ. The grandma slowly walked away......

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        08-03-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

This is very funny stuff. Great story. I have read many stories like these, only Russian
versions. please write a continuation. I really like this. lol

        08-03-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

I forgot to give you praise points

        05-08-2004     Walter Jones        

When we capture words, we need to piece together in form, story good pointed message, form correct, not expanded, does not need to be..interesting.. Why.. Walt

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