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The Girl

by Jessica May (Age: 24)
copyright 01-11-2004

Age Rating: 1 +

There once was girl,
young and fair,
who had wonderous powers
as she leaped through the air.

Every step she took,
made plants bloom,
plants every color
from red to blue.

With eyes so blue,
as deep as the sea,
and with hair so dark,
yet it shines and gleams.

Her dress is every color of the rainbow,
red, yellow, purple and more,
she flies into the air
while colors soar.

They color every person,
every lady every guy.
Magical colors all over the world,
with all colors interwined.

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        06-12-2004     Hank Malone        

It is soooo good! The poem is so awesome and youra gr8 poet! It's interesting how you think of these things, so how do you think of them? Well, anyways, it's an awesome poem, so keep up the good work!

        04-18-2004     Alixandria Warren        

very good in my opinion

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