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The Ocean

by Shannon Jaime
copyright 02-12-2004

Age Rating: 7 +

I love to watch the sparkling ocean,
To see diamond surf glisten in motion.
In the distance, I glimpse the fiery sun rising
Just beyond the glowing horizon.

Liquid sapphire reflects the golden light,
Every clear ripple so distinct and so bright.
Living, shifting crystal meets the sandy shore,
Each time moving more gracefully than before.

The salty breeze glides; through the water it paves
A path in the whitecaps, a splash in the waves.
And as the flaming star slips into the sea,
The dark depths dance and the laughing wind flies free.

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        02-23-2013     June Nazarian        

Hi Shannon, when I looked over the titles of your poems this was caught my eye and I am certainly not disappointed. I almost feel whisked away to the beautiful seaside with its sights and sounds all around. Good imagery, a pleasure to read. June

        04-19-2008     Susan Brown        

Easy to feel the splash here...very nice setting pictured from your description. Shifting crystals meeting the sandy shore... moving more gracefully than before. The more times I read this...the louder the music plays. I hear your voice in the wind. Nice!

        02-21-2004     Jenny Stein        

i love to dance with the ocean. it has lovely dancing shoes.

        02-20-2004     Toni Sweeney        

I also love watching teh ocean. But instead of snady beaches we have rocky shores.
Toni S.

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