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by tigerlilly
copyright 03-13-2004

Age Rating: 7 +

The snow sprinkles from the sky,
Like salt from a shaker,

The cold wind bangs,
Like it wants to wake her,

I look at the white sky,
Like the fabric on the chair,

Thinking about summer,
Makes me wish I was there,

The footprints in the snow,
Are from the boots on our feet,

They are big and bulky,
Not small and petite,

The branches on the trees,
Are hanging down low,

Reaching for sunlight,
So they will grow...

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        02-12-2014     Regina Lehman        

very nice poem about Winter..I love the Winter time and I love the snow I think it makes the city look pretty..Our dog Charlie he likes making paths in the snow for him to run down to the fence..I think Winter is a beautiful time of the year..

        03-26-2006     Jessica Peters        

Ah yes, winter! Sure can be a pain in the neck, but all the same, you have to admit the snow is pretty!^^ I loved this poem and it had an awesome flow keep up the good work!

        09-01-2004     SamiJo Mcquiston        

Very, good. I could see the picture. I do love the snow though. There's just something about geting lost in a blanket of white.

        03-18-2004     Paul Kangas        

i hate winter, good poem tho!

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