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by tigerlilly
copyright 03-20-2004

Age Rating: 4 +

There once was a girl named Mary. She lived by the rules, and went to church on Sundays. For her 7th birthday, her mother gave her a bracelet that said WWJD. That means what would Jesus do? It was a beautiful bracelet with gold trim and pretty charms.
Proud of her gift, Mary walked onto the playground the next day. Instead of the children admiring her beautiful present, the children laughed and teased her for being religious.
They mockingly joked, “WWJD! We Want Jesus Dead!”. Mary ran off crying into her mother’s arm. Though the mocking and teasing continued, each day Mary wore her bracelet back to school. She did this because she remembered what the bracelet stood for, and she decided that Jesus would want her to be proud of her faith. The students were amazed that she actually ignored them, and still wore the bracelet.
The principal, school counselor, Mary, and her parents had a big discussion on the bracelet. Because it was causing such a riot at school, the faculty wanted Mary to stop wearing it. Mary and her parents refused, and the faculty agreed because it was a symbol of freedom of speech.
Several weeks later, Mary went to a park and sat at a bench near the pond. As usual, she was wearing her bracelet. A frog hopped out of the pond, and onto the bench. Magically, it transformed into Jesus Christ.
He spoke to her and said, “My child, though your friends have teased you constantly, and you have been harassed, you still are proud of your faith. For this, you will be granted an eternity in heaven.”
Jesus disappeared, and in it’s place was a piece of paper that said F.R.O.G., meaning friends relying on God. Mary began to distribute bracelets, posters, and other memorabilia with this abbreviation, and so FROG was born. Mary trusted in herself for what she believed was right, and for it she was granted happiness for eternity.

This is based on a real abbreviation FROG, and it does mean friends relying on God. However, this story is fictional.

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        07-29-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

Wonderful story and marvelous job. I loved it. You really should believe in your religion and ignore people that make fun of it. They are just prejudice. Did you write this story based on life experience? I'm really sorry if you had to
endure something like that. You are a great writer and deserve 5 flowers.Keep writing.


        07-28-2004     Jaimie Anderson        

I like your story. It was very very good. I have a braslet that says W.W.J.D. as well. I have never herd of F.R.O.G.,
but I beleaf you.

        05-25-2004     Anne Whelmer        

Oh my gosh! I wore a WWJD bracelet for two years strait! I love those. Really great story. Everything was perfect except for the part where Mary was granted enternity in heaven for being proud of her faith. I think you should elaborate a little more on that part. Otherwise it was perfect!


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