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What I Learned in School Today

by Heather Jackson (Age: 39)
copyright 04-23-2004

Age Rating: 13 +

Empty I come to You
Needing You to fill again
My dry-drained cup
Desperate beyond words
For Your grace to flow
And once more fill me up

And though Iíve forgotten
In all of my busy days
To give You Your place
My heart thirsts after You
And seeks again the promise
Of Your cleansing grace

So with starvationís panic
And no idea of the problem
I turn to You with a shout
Determined to replace You
In Your rightful position
And to turn this upset out

I set to turning my mind
Back to my Saviorís gift
Seeking solace in song
Hoping only for now
To turn depressionís tide
I canít survive this long

And there, again as always
I find more than I sought
Discovering joy for sorrow
And in my weakest state
You grant me all I needed
To rise again tomorrow

Oh, that I had simply come
Turned sooner, not later
And fallen into Your arms
I might have been trading
These sorrows and hurts
For Your ten thousand charms

Heather Jackson
23 April 2004.21:09

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        12-30-2010     Wayne Thomas        

Excellent background meter. Doesn't halt the flow as rigid rhyme and meter abuptly slam into your thoughts and really interrupt the action. There are plenty of exceptions, of course. I would suggest for pure pleasure the poems of the old mystery writer Edgar Allen Poe. Practice reading some of them aloud--they'll be running around in your head for days. They don't call him a "jingle master" for nothing. Yessir, Heather, that was a darn nice write and I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

        04-24-2004     Kay Lee Kelly        

Life, love, is like a school is it not??
Great writing!

        04-23-2004     Heather Jackson        

If you're curious about what the title has to do with the poem...

left curlique right curlique
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