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by tigerlilly
copyright 04-25-2004

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One Easter a very long time ago, I received a rag doll. This doll was quite unusual. Because I was selfish, I said I did not like it because it was all ripped up. The doll had pink hair in pig tails, a tattered dress, and plain arms and legs. It was a little over a foot in length. The strangest part about this doll was that it only had two eyes, not a mouth, or a nose! I thought it was terrible that whoever made that doll couldn't even give it a whole face! This disturbed me as a child because I had only received the plastic manufactured dolls.

However, I was not stupid. I knew that rag dolls existed. But because I was stubborn, I told my parents I hated the doll. After that, I would secretly play with the doll everyday. It had strangely become my favorite toy! After all the fuss I put up, I knew I could not admit to liking the doll.

One day, my parents saw me playing with the doll in my room. They asked why a change of spirit had overcome me. I froze up. My mind went blank! How could I explain that it had become my favorite toy when I had made a fit about how much I hated is before? This may seem like a rather dull problem, but for a mere toddler it was as big as they got!

In a panic, I quickly plotted my plan. In knowing the doll was quite fragile because it was only made of rags, I tore off the right arm. My parents scolded me for being so cruel to the tattered play thing. I was devastated, but not because my parents yelled at me. I was devastated because I just hurt something I loved!

After crying and hugging the poor old doll, I found a pink marker. Pink was my favorite color at the time, and still is. I then drew a nose and a smile on the doll. Pleased, I went downstairs to show my mother what I had done. The doll was finally complete, and the best part of it was that it came with a story. My rag doll's name is Strawberry, and I still have her.

There are many morals in this story. One being, do not hurt those that you love. Another one is that do not judge a book by its cover. You may find a friend even in the most unlikely characters. Frankly, I can't explain what the lesson in drawing on the face is. All I can say is that it taught me something I cannot quite put my finger on. Strawberry is in the hearts and souls of all who have acted like me at one point in their lives. She is a tattered soul who was hurt by a human's hatred, and healed by human's love.

*this is a true story of an even that happened in my younger childhood*

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        07-28-2004     Jaimie Anderson        

I liked your story a lot. I thought it was very good and needed no work!(: I thought mom had fixed her. She is a cool doll like your story! The fish, Starburst, and Oreo like it too.

        07-26-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

That was one of the greatest stories that I ever read on PnP. It is completely wonderful. I wanted to enter the conteest but then thought against it, I would never win compared to your story.
It is a wonderful and touching story

        07-21-2004     Sarah Barrett        

Dear lisa,
I m glad you joined my contest with this story. it is great. ROBERT BETTS CRIED!!!!!!!

        06-13-2004     Jessica May        

:-D this is a WONDERFUL story!!! it had a lot of different emotions and you expressed them well. Good job!

        04-25-2004     Joan Jotz        

How nice to share a piece of your life. You certainly got the point across, your writing was clear and expressive. This is a lesson well learned, for all who read this. A delightful story!


        04-25-2004     Robert Betts        

Lisa, this is a beautiful story that brought tears to my eyes. Excellent :)

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