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by Hank Malone (Age: 24)
copyright 06-08-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

Love is a wonderful thing,
That lifts you up in the deep blue sky,
Why we get the feeling of love,
No one knows why,
But you can tell when you're in love,
because you're so happy you think you're going to fly,
And when you tell someone you love them,
They usually say "oh my,"

Later you ask her if she loves you,
The answer makes you moap,
You wasted all your time on her,
You actually had some hope.

You rinse yourself in the shower,
Rubbing off a million tears,
And if that love it true,
You might not ever move on for years,
because you thought you'd be so beautiful together,
like two loving and prancing dears.

But they made you feel like
a souring dove,
they made you have hope,
they made you fall in love

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        06-13-2004     Jessica May        

:-) i like it! its very cute!

        06-13-2004     Alixandria Warren        

great work

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