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Despina "Spinny"

by Sam Hackel-Butt (Age: 28)
copyright 07-18-2004

Age Rating: 13 +

**Yet another monologue! I am very proud of this. I was able to write poetically :D A few things: The story this is concerning is called Heartstones by Ruth Rendell. The author writes about a girl names Elvira, who is a fan of Poe. She keeps some sort of diary, where she expresses her unnatural love for her father Luke, and hate for her mother who dies of cancer. Despina and Elvira are sisters. Elvira explains how Spinny sees a cat everynight, and the rest is explained in the monologue :P Need any extra info, or i was confusing, just tell me :)**

I hate my father. After mother’s death, he seemed to be spending more and more time with Elvira. Oh how I miss my mother! If she were here, Luke would not have told Elvira and I the story about the ghost cat. The one who stalks me at night. The one with the glowing yellow eyes. The one who leaps into my room at night, and sits on the windowsill, glaring at me with those eyes. Damn those eyes of his!

If Luke had really cared so much, which he didn’t, he wouldn’t have ever told us about Green Margery, the witch, and her cat. The construction workers had killed the witch’s cat, and sealed him into the foundation of our house for good luck. Oh, the irony, as Green Margery put a curse upon the house. And ever since then, the cat has haunted this house. Haunting me. Releasing years of anger, and the desire to live upon a helpless child. Un-fortunately, that child is yours truly.

After the story was told, Luke smiled at me; an evil smile that told me he took pleasure in my suffering, and told Elvira and I that no one knew where the witch lived, nor what kind of cat she had.

Black! He was black, as black as the night. His cloak of protection, so the only thing that was visible was the yellow of his eyes, which glowed with menace. Oh why couldn’t he leave me alone? My life is already messed up, with a dead mother, an anorexic sister, and a father who ignores me.

But no, he still pursues me. Night after night, I cry at the mere sight of him, attracting Luke and Elvira’s attention. I must admit, it is nice to finally get noticed. And when they believe I’ve fallen asleep, the cat reappears. And so the dance begins again.

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