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A Poet Touched Me

by Walter Jones (Age: 72)
copyright 07-31-2004

Age Rating: 4 +

He cradled the kittens in his arms

gave the last of the food and drink

thanked them for keeping her warm

laid with her by the sea

Heard Raven scream nevermore

as the angel touched his head

and demon danced in the ash

pendulum swings like a blade of death

As the pain of wrath tears my soul

I let the words fall where they may

weather in the last smoke of a troubled life

drink filled in dank corners of death

Another's lives in my words spread

sells the lie perpetuates the story

as commercial falls in the chapter of the dead

he eats well as I turn in the tomb hungry and alone

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        08-06-2013     dodeydee        

How fantastic is this work Walter...Poe's work is amazing and you have wrapped parts so cleverly into this wonderful poem of yours ~ Bravo my friend on a truly excellent work.

Kind Regards...dodeydee ( Dee )

        04-16-2009     Frank Fields        

And when one is all alone, in the middle of the night, black clouds hide the moon, the candle sputters and is gone, a small white cat will find its way into dark and lonely tomb. See now the snow white angel to take you by the hand, passed tomb's heavy doors, out across the darkened moors, down to the calling of the sea. Again with her to lie and know you warm and safe, the past forgot, the drink be gone, all evil gone and quiet. A soft, warm kitten's love with angel holding pure, until the dark is gone, the way again is clear, and then it's time for them to go.

Frank :)

        01-10-2008     Cassie Sweeney        

I'm not sure if I understand this...I think I do though, are these verses of other poets and that's why it's called "A poet touched me"? I love the poem nevermore. I read it for english class a couple years ago and I've loved Poe since :D Great write!
Just a fellow poet,
~Cassie JSG

        01-10-2008     Richard Reed Jr        

Reading this makes me feel as if spiders are crawling up and down my back and neck. This is eerie -quoth raven. written in a bold tone with excellent images. A real pleaser.


        08-14-2004     Joan Jotz        

This is a real overload really test the reader. So much going on- visual, emotional...quite a conceptual poem. Good work here!

        08-04-2004     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

You know...when I first started writing here (a LONG time ago) I thought it would be a quaint little place for people to bounce poetic thoughts off each other. I never once dreamed that it would become home to some of the most talented people to hit the net. I feel privileged to be a part of such a wonderful community!

he eats well as I turn in the tomb hungry and alone... ah, but you are never alone, hungry though you may be. ;-)

        08-03-2004     Chelsea Armstrong        

Walt, I must say, this is a wonderful poem.
I would also like to give my hand of friendship to you, for all you have done for me. Reading my works is all I ever wanted for anyone, and so far you hae been there to read everyone of them. You and many others here have been a helping factor in my life to change the way I see the world. Thank you so much.
Keep writing. It keeps me inspired! *smiles warmly*

        08-02-2004     Lyle Berry        

Wow! Where did this one come from? This is great dug deep into the old psyche for this I feel certain. Great write!

Warm Regards,

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