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The Habitual Doubter

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 48)
copyright 08-09-2004

Age Rating: 7 +

Inspired by Gregory Christiano's THE SKEPTIC
found at
Written and posted with his permission.


The center of the universe
has many and varied cores
Each discovered new ...
perfectly balanced for teeing.

One may seek the truth,
but what suits him best - even more
He envisions what he wants,
and not what eyes are truly seeing

Like a child, he thinks
the world revolves around him
Like a cat, he believes
he’s every reason for all things being

He’ll refuse to see that
houses of cards are built on a whim
That rhyme nor reason
are ever forced into fleeing

Like the three pigs
without the third who thinks clearly
He sets cards
upon a foundation that’s carefully posed

Holding his breath
before the vision he’s asserted sincerely
Hoping for dear life
that the astute forgets what he knows

He seeks, he searches ...
but never really finds what he expects
Those answers to questions,
questions he has selfishly supposed

He refutes with arguments
that which he chooses to reject
Musing what’s convenient
all the while ... honesty’s opposed

The skeptic relies
on twisted words and warped senses
To support a vision
that only he himself can clearly see

He wages a war
with the dulled blade of empty defenses
And really expects
that once he’s done, you’ll fully agree

All in all and in the end
it’s much safer to believe in dreams
For fear of the unknown
creates havoc on a conscience - like mi

Starved for the accurate knowledge,
like a heart without blood
Faith and hope no longer exist
in what the skeptic cannot believe

He ceases his search
for discovering freely reveals nothing new
Few and far between
lie the answers amidst the truth he’ll never seek

Weighty arguments rest wonky
on feeble excuses without a clue
Chia Pet to Monkey to me, haystacks and needles
– the proud challenge the meek

Sensing less and making less sense
as truth belies the lie
Creation shouts a message
and reasons for ignoring it are weak

To say it honors nothing
is but a rabbit in the skeptics’ bag of tricks
A dismal fix, to try and humbly state,
“The universe revolves around me!”

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        03-07-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

wow, help me up I've fallen. This is too deap for most, including me! You ever think about writing speeches for congressmen? This is a very good poem and Gregory should like it! Thanks, Anthony

        08-11-2004     Walter Jones        

Oh, I like this nicely done...Kudo +++++++

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