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Icky Field Trip

by Walter Jones (Age: 72)
copyright 08-11-2004

Age Rating: 4 +

Authors note: Words are right

In the cavern see the spider as he climbs upon the wall
In the darkness she devours one and all
Itís a passing on the rim of deaths call
See the vestige standing tall

Sunder of the burning lamp moves to disarray
Squishes the poor spider as he takes her prey
Science at work here it is just another day
Mark in his notebook gives the time and place

Pin driven into the body of a new victim
Strange life form seen as the spider is added

In the cavern of the field trip answers glen
It is the wonder of a new world seen
Class of children all open eyes to different dreams
The world of bugs are not as gross as first believed

inventors of a new order ruminants of the past
Curiosity works the world of new a cast
Tiny fingers prick and pin bugs very fast
Hours now spent in the lab all talk about the fun had

Fever of the moment gross and intersect
Minds enlightened by the lowly insect

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        11-21-2013     Mae Futter Stein        

Well, I emailed you the comment, where as I meant
to add the comment to the poem, Icky Field Trip.

Just wanted you to know I enjoyed reading it.
Thank you for sharing it, though I'm nine years
late, from reading it. Good Poem, very interesting. Hugs

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