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When I Decided to Stay

by SamiJo Mcquiston (Age: 29)
copyright 09-01-2004

Age Rating: 10 +
When I Decided to Stay
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When I first met you, you stopped me to say
I think I love you, I smiled and walked away
The next day I saw you, I waved and said hey
You said I love you, I smiled and walked away
Later I ran into you literally, and made you sway
You asked if I loved you too, I smiled and walked away
At lunch you stood on the table, and made a horrid display
You shouted I love you, I blushed and walked away
After school you caught up with me, and said it was okay
If I couldn’t admit I loved you, I blushed and walked away
On the bus you sat next to me, and asked if you may
Confess that you loved me, I blushed and turned away
You took me by the hand, I could no longer mind obey
I said I love you too, and I decided to stay

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        10-04-2005     Delaney Lindley        

Awe, how sweet. you are very quickly becoming one of my fav writers on pnp. These writes are awesome. I love it!

        01-08-2005     Jane Lee        

I think this poem is nicely made. Like Bob said, rhyming all the time usually makes the poems boring but even though your poems is like that it doesn't sound boring. Nice job.

        12-05-2004     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I agree with Bob, sometimes this pattern will be boring.Yet this one flows well. Thank you for having this thought!

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