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Foster Daughter

by Walter Jones (Age: 72)
copyright 09-08-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

Child center gets a call late night request answered
Please my body hurts, I have no place to go, help me
Can I stay with you, just for a while, please? I will be good

She took my hand as I lead her from the hell
But see she was crying not having anything left to sell
Body and mind long gone survival the instinct paid
Thrill long gone as I lead her to her new home
Family sweet takes her hand open their door
She tries to pay back the only way she knows how
Children learn from one as other parents lose

Passion explodes as her new brother explores, explodes
Time lets the doors open and close judges rule this land

In the wildness of survival she gives her all
Boy takes every bit of learning function desire met
Taste the honey from the flower on the doorstep
Windows draw a picture in the mind of real
She captures his heart he lays himself before her
All he has he gives as the encounter lasts to adult
Past comes and takes her to a different land
Jail and drugs have taken their toll still her brother saves her
From the street, parent long gone to resting
She gets one more chance and takes it

Age plays in the court of life markers placed
IOU carefully written heart to heart

Brother to the lover time is the calling wind
She lives in him and him in her they share a name
Lust is for life not tanglement each carries the other's load
Judgment is a small reward to soul mate kept
Little passion works the mind to the quiet bed
Shared body and soul commitment meets in share
Ceiling spins wildly as they defy the joy of youth
Worlds apart joined one more time to make a home
So much to be gained and the world stopped for love
Children that will forever be loved special gift shared

She the gentle hands of knowledge spread heart and soul
He the wisdom of years searching and finding his answer

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        06-09-2007     Brittney N. Nasca        

Such a powerful piece of work. Truly amazing. However, I think the sentence, "She lives in him and him in her they share a name," could be worded a little better. Other then that, excellent.

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