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Misplaced Cheetohs

by Stephen Washam
copyright 09-13-2004
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 10 +

I know I left them laying on the table by my chair
Now they’re gone and I’m the only one who seems to care
I turned the sofa over and I looked under the rug
But all I found were pennies, lint, and a very ugly bug

I emptied out the cupboards, and looked into the trash
But all I found was garbage and a can of corned beef hash
Where could they be I pondered as I searched the highs and lows
I know I didn’t lose a brand new bag of Lays Cheetos

My wife thought I was surely mad as through the house I raced
The dog thought it was playtime as after me she chased
I’ll find them any moment I was saying to myself
I looked in every cabinet and on every storage shelf

They must be near here somewhere for their scent it always lingers
And then I spied my daughter with a hand of orange fingers
I chased her up and down the stairs and through the house we went
Around the table, into the yard ‘til I was almost spent

I trapped her in the kitchen and I grabbed her by the arm
“Produce them now!” I told her or I fear I’ll do you harm
“They’re in my room” she pleaded “Over by my bed”
I relaxed my grip and she broke free and out the door she sped

The information she had given made me feel contented
Anticipation filled my soul as up the stairs I sprinted
I entered in my daughters room and searched among the clutter
A flash of orange caught my eye and gave my heart a flutter

I wildly leaped across the room as happy as a sprite
Grabbing the bag I quickly knew that something wasn’t right
I peered inside and what I saw quickly struck me dumb
Inside the bag was nothing more than a tiny orange crumb

They found my darling daughter at her Grandma's late that night
Interrogation soon revealed the origin of her plight
She told of her sad story and the worst of all her woes
Was finding on a table a misplaced bag of Lays Cheetos

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        12-20-2004     Toni Sweeney        

LOL!! This is poem. I never imanged anyone would write about a bag of misplaced cheetos. I loved your poem so much. My favorite part of the poem was lines 4 and 5. Keep up the awesome awesome work.
Toni S.

        12-03-2004     Jeniffer Brand        

I LOOOOOOVE READING YOUR WRITINGS!!!!!! You are awesome! How quickly became my writing mentor and dont even know it! WHO in this world....would even THINK writing about Cheetos! Though I have to agree, they are worth fighting for! OH YEAH! I can feel your pain in this one.

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