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A Soldier's Prayer

by Stephen Washam
copyright 10-04-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

Oh Lord this simple prayer I pray
And I humbly ask your grace
Please grant to me your strength today
In this strange and foreign place

Please let me serve my homeland
With pride and dignity
Guide me with your loving hand
And grant us victory

Keep me in my loved ones dreams
And always in her heart
My memory our love redeems
Though we must be apart

Long is my heart for her tender kiss
And the sparkling of her smiles
Her gentle loving touch I miss
Across these many miles

Back home is where I long to be
With all my loved ones near
I miss her and my family
And the friends I hold so dear

Itís all these things I fight for
In this god forsaken hell
So Father please, I do implore
Let me live these moments well

And if itís in your precious will
That here is where Iíll fall
Then guard my fellow soldiers still
And bless them one and all

Help those back home to understand
That I gave my life gladly
To defend my loved ones and our land
So they could all stay free

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        09-18-2013     Regina Lehman        

Excellent poem very well written yes,and we thank God for the soldiers who protect our country,because all of soldiers keep us safe.You's go through so much with having to be away from your families.The stress that you's go through too.

        11-28-2008     Arthur G. Finch        

This is indeed one of the best poems on the boards. It is a remembrance of love and devotion to those back home as well as a prayer for safety. It is indeed a soldier's prayer, I heard in in fox holes and in firefights. It is genuine! It is powerful. It is full of grace and liquid to flow into the innermost heart. The rhyme and rhythm, oust standing. I am touched and moved by the eloquence of humility. I know that God heard that prayer.

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