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Image Of A Girl

by Stephen Washam
copyright 10-13-2004

Age Rating: 13 +

Last night while deep in slumber I saw the image of a girl
She had the softest eyes of brown, her smile was white as pearl
I stroked her silken hair of gold and kissed her velvet lips
Then felt the softness of her skin beneath my fingertips

We held each other closely in a tender warm embrace
And my eyes took in each feature of her sweet and loving face
Hours seemed like seconds as the time went quickly by
A thousand lifetimes passed within a twinkling of an eye

I softly slipped her hand in mine and they began to clinch
My desire for her was like a parching thirst I could not quench
My heart was pounding wildly at this vision from above
And I knew that this would be the girl that I would always love

The beauty of her image held me tightly in its spell
Was she real or just imagined? I really couldn’t tell
And then I woke and next to me within my sleepy view
Was the image of a girl I dreamed and darling it was you

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