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Dream Picked

by Walter Jones (Age: 72)
copyright 11-04-2004

Age Rating: 13 +

Picked a dream to love myself in some how I was late

Willful screams decorate the coat in painted dreams
Canvas lay cold and empty upon tripod called leaning
Slip into the stare of return a burning brush waiting
Who is the mark left to write never-ending story in blood
Heard you slip from the time of love to mood swings

South bound to the world of an artists hungry bait

Shrill is a making of single faced tired lonely ghosts
You are the hell from which all the dammed are hosts
Will you allow the stake the candy of the real body to live
Every door has a bitter path in hell trouble to give
Death is the victim of a body and a mind screwed again

Another of the many left on the stage I take a clean slate

Every gift has a price hidden in the saddest day
Mellow is the riddle of time left in the cruelest
Color left on the palette spun in the web stayed
Danger wilts in the face of the cross late payed
Alley cats sing to me in the hold of a life strayed

Model stands a perfect smile twenty five an hour wait

Dark souls fight in the anterior of a stress filled me
Take the money from the table let a child dance free
Hold the brushwork the color across the page dead heart
Stars of silence grace the black dreams laid to start
Crying voice of desire paints the picture of desperate

Life in the jar is heard through the color left in the gate

A mind lost to pictures burned in a closet hung
We are tangible driftwood used and left alone stung
Shear faith fills a canvass with the day in latter dying
Blood mixed on the palette of life no room for the crying
She filled the mind and the pictured closed full with dying

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