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Queen Left Behind

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 11-06-2004

Age Rating: 10 +

Age plays tricks with memory and living
I just wanted you to know you were
Always in the palace of my mind and heart

As I write this letter in black
I remember our lost dying love
We traveled to a place of sad
In my heart we hold today close

Days sing of the glory of sun and sweet smell
Spring is the victim of a life lived well in love

Slowly walk a way never back
Each cooing a call of little dove
Cobbles of stone take a way bad
In my mind I walk lonely hope

My road is hard and the door always closing
In the saddest part of me I regret steps taken

Dearest my life is but a shell
Void is a relief of image left
Color fills all thoughts of we
So long ago we were the wind

Corners of stone placed in the block foundation
We were the youth of passion love of body given

I have gone from heaven to hell
So real we are cast in the lot left
Rainbow kisses rain drenched sea
Sonnets played in time or verse

So special you age in my life I never see clearly
Tears blind my sight as my heart guides my fingers

I place the letter with the rose
Sprinkle of water on the cover
Blessed by the heart loved by the soul
You will own all the grace I can give

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        05-13-2008     Susan Brown        

A King or Queen

A Jack


A tiny Jill.

The important part for many of us is coming to grips with the hard line...I want (need) you to know.

I've come to believe, the people who feel like their loved ones are aware they are not left behind, heel easier than those who think they have to let them to go... because other (well meaning types-and they are truly-all that) expect them to move on along... in life, soon as the crowd thins.

I'm wondering...twenty years later, if it isn't healthier for us as humans to tuck the Cards into the safe place next to our heart (breast pocket) like a letter, hold them close and when we can... try to allow them, to mold or morph into the people we are lucky enough to continue to be able to love, in the right now.

This poem makes me think...his Queen...she ruled beautifully, during her Reign. Lucky man.

True love is a beautiful event.

Thanks for sharing this, once again.


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