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Letter To My Family (11-10-04)

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 11-10-2004

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Letter To My Family (11-10-04)
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Hello Everyone,

I'm back with the latest on my mother. I will start out with the "not so good" news and then finish with the better news.

First of all, her blood pressure medication was adversely affecting her kidneys. As my brother Bill put it, "It was tearing her kidneys up." She was diagnosed with acute "something" failure... drenal? denal? I couldn't understand the nurse. Anyway, her kidneys aren't working as they should and she's been moved back to Blodgett hospital for what they anticipate to be three or four days. She's on the fourth floor, room 13? I can't remember for sure.

I am glad she's out of Kent Community Hospital as I had many concerns regarding her care, welfare, and even safety there. There were four patients in her room including her, one of which would scold and yell at Mom for "waving" at her while she was eating. Of course, Mom isn't "waving" but simply moving around... "gently flailing" I guess I'd put it. She's twitching a great deal all over and her limbs are moving to and fro. Apparently, when another patient stepped in and told the one to stop scolding Mom...the nurse told the "nice" patient to mind her own business.

When Mom was admitted to Kent Community last Friday, they gave her a bath and combed her hair... and that was the last time they did either. It took me nearly an hour to get all the snarls out of her hair last night when I visited her at Blodgett. Also, they had doped her up on Vicaden (sp?) because she "might" be in pain. When I asked why they thought so, they said she was moving around a lot.

WHAT?!?! Really!!! Of course she's moving around a lot, and I believe that's a GOOD thing. Then I was reminded that she was disturbing the other patients. GRRR!!! I voiced my concerns that you don't dope up a patient on pain meds simply because another patient doesn't like her "waving" at her. Geesh!

Last night when Bob went to get Mom's radio, there was nobody (medical staff) on the floor and a patient was behind the nurses station getting into something. I really don't feel safe with Mom being there and will most definitely look into an alternate site for her care once she's ready to leave Blodgett again.

While at Blodgett, Nurse Charity, was her nurse and just happened to be a friend of her's and Bob's from when they went out singing karaoke. (Which by the way, I'm not sure if there are still pictures of Mom singing, but there were some posted at

Anyway, it was nice that she knew her nurse and Charity will take great care of her. Last night Bill and Billy and Bob were there when I went after work, and after Bill and Billy left then Lonnie showed up to visit as well. I stayed for four hours and put lotion on her hands and feet, tended to her cuticles, and brushed out her hair. I also brushed her teeth. When I did that, she opened her mouth for me to get to her teeth! It was great to know that she knew what I was doing and that she was helping me!

Sometimes I find myself in a "Just keep going" mode...and others, like last night, I find myself really missing my mother. She's the best friend I've ever had and I want her back. Well, I'm glad she's alive, and I'm glad to know she recognizes us and still has her sense of humor. She smiled last night when my sister Shirley talked to her over the phone while Lonnie held the phone to Mom's ear.

I tell her every day just how much I love her, I tell her every day how much we all do. I read the emails and relay everyone's thoughts, well wishes, and prayers. She must know that she's one of the most loved people ever. Thank you all for everything, and especially for making my Mom's life as rich as it was/is. You're the best!

I'll write as soon as there are any more changes and/or updates.

I love you all.

Ingat (Take care in Tagalog)


11th November 2004

I usually don't write so often guys, but I just had to let you know that my mom is back at Kent Community as her condition is now stable and her kidneys appear to be working again. My concerns about my mother's care have been discussed with my family and also with the staff at Kent Community. They have agreed to take measures to ensure that those previous incidents are not repeated. Although I am grateful they appear to be willing to work with us on many issues, I will believe it when I see it.

My mother's dear friend Karen has given us some other options to look into and I will share them with my family this evening if I get out of work on time.

So, this is a quickie, but Mom's doing better and she's back at Kent Community. I'll write more as soon as I can.

Take care, all.


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        11-14-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

See, when times are tough, you gotta hang in there until they get better again.
Because hey do.
Your mom's living proof of that.
Until the next letter.

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