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Letter To My Family (11-22-04)

by Mary -BrytEyz- Ball (Age: 47)
copyright 11-22-2004

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Letter To My Family (11-22-04)
Picture Credits: Karen Stack, Betty's Adopted "Sis"

Hello everyone...
As always, there's progress with Mom and I'd like to share it with you.
Friday, it felt really good to hear that Bill got to spend so much time with her and was able to walk her all around the hospital and take her on a tour with her special chair. It's not quite a bed, but much more than just a wheel chair. It sort of like a recliner on wheels. She did really well passing the test from the physical therapist also and so now Monday (I believe that's what Bill said) they're going to start her on thick liquids and mushed up foods. Yay! (Little do they know we were slipping her sips of water here and there for the past few days... such sneaky little devils we are.)

Mom was MUCH more alert and with it every moment I was there Friday. As always, I put lotion on her hands and feet after asking her if that's what she wanted and she said yes. She also wanted me to brush her hair so I did. It's so very long and beautiful. She had her shower on Friday and her hair was a bit wet so I repositioned her head on the towel on her pillow to allow it to dry some more.

Her feeding tube that went into her intestines had gotten blocked and they had mentioned taking her to ER to have that fixed, but decided instead to feed her through the tube that goes directly into her stomach. This was good for a couple reasons... first, she didn't have to go to ER. Second, she would now have food going into her stomach and she wouldn't feel like it was empty all the time. I hadn't realized until Friday that the feeding tube they were using was going directly into her intestines and not her stomach. No wonder she was always hungry and the first thing she talked about on every visit was food. So, this is much better I think.

Grandma Ketcher called right as I got there and I was able to speak with her for a bit. She's really REALLY excited about coming up on Wednesday. I guess they're leaving Illinois around 9 or 10 in the morning, which is 10 or 11 our time. Perfect timing as I have a half day that day. They'll stay Wednesday night for sure and possibly Thursday as well since BJ just found out she has Friday off both jobs as well. yay!

Grandma spoke with Dennis who reminded her that God answers prayers! Those are the same sentiments that Cousin Todd said when he wrote me an email, and David too. Everyone's been so very supportive and wonderful, I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this family!
Aunt Johnny said I was just like my mother and worse than my brother for writing the story the way I did and letting everyone believe that something bad had happened before revealing the good news. I really didn't intend for it to be a bad thing. I just wanted to share the good news in a nice entertaining way. Well, I'll try to take it easy on ya'll next time. *grin*

When I visited Mom on Sunday with the boys, they got to the room before I did. She started talking right away I guess because when I entered the room Gary said, "Mom! She's talking! She's talking a lot! She talked to me!" He was grinning from ear to ear and started talking to her a mile a minute. She smiled at me to let me know it was ok because I had tried to hush him at first. OK, Mom, you asked for it... lol. He winded down after a bit and then it was DJ's turn to talk. Mom was more alert than I've ever seen her and spoke more today than I had heard her talk all week.

Don and I had our turn bringing her up to date with what's been going on in our lives the past few days. Then we talked about THE INCREDIBLES and told her when she's better we'll watch it with her because I haven't laughed at a kids movie like that since Aladdin. We asked if she wanted us to bring a movie in for her to watch and she told us she did. We mentioned all sorts of movies but when DJ got excited about Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, we all agreed we'd bring that. She likes Donny Osmond and Don told her that there's a scene in it where's he's only wearing a loin cloth and her eyes got REALLY big. We all laughed about that for a bit.

We did end up bringing it later, but when I put it in the VCR and rewinded it... it got stuck. Perhaps Bob will be able to "unstick" it and get it out for us not only so we can get out movie back, but so Mom can watch it. She loves music and I really think she'll enjoy that movie.

Before we left the first time (when visiting with the boys) she wanted me to tell everyone thank you. When I asked for what well... it was too much for her. I guess, thank you for more than she can say... literally! :-)

She also said, "Sorry." Again, when I asked her what for... well it was too much. She is trying to get better and control her muscles more and more every day. When I told her to try really hard to pass her physical therapy test on Friday she said, "I have been swallowing for 55 years. Of course I'll do good." And well, she knew what she was talking about. We have been giving her drinks now for over a week, and yesterday I gave her some water from a straw instead of tipping a glass to her mouth. Boy, does she drink a lot more and a great deal faster that way. I felt good that she was getting more into her system and I'm sure it felt good in her tummy as well.

When Don and I went back the second time, she told me to tell everyone that she can eat now. Of course, she's not "eating" for real according to the hospital, but a little birdie told me that she ate a small piece of ham with no trouble. I wasn't there for that one. I was, however, there when she ate some egg casserole that had hashbrowns in it with a croissant crust. Just a small bite, but she did wonderful! Then I took a small container from a roll of 35MM film and put some Chai Tea in it. I put the straw in that and it was gone in two sips! She's doing great eating and drinking and I am now telling you as I promised her I would.

One last thing... She was so very awake yesterday that I thought she may be up to a phone call. I asked her and it didn't take long for her to tell me she did in fact want to try and talk to someone on the phone. I called Grandma Ketcher for a couple reasons... she doesn't have the internet to keep in touch via emails so I thought that this would make up for that a bit, and she's her mother and I KNOW how important mothers are.
I told Grandma to hold on and then put the phone by Mom's mouth. Well, Grandma thought it was me and kept talking to her. She asked, "What's wrong? I can barely hear you." Mom told her that it was as loud as she can speak. Grandma asked her, "Where are you?" Mom told her she was in the hospital. Grandma asked if she was talking softly because she wasn't supposed to have the phone on in the hospital...that's when I realized that she thought she was talking to me!

I took the phone back and told her she had been talking to Mom. Then when I put the phone back by Mom's mouth, Grandma talked to her about everyone that's been calling her to check in about Mom, about Gordon calling and checking in, about Grandma and BJ's visit this week, about everyone praying for her...and so on. Mom was so happy to hear from Grandma and well... I don't have to tell you that Grandma was extremely happy to hear from Mom.
All in all, it was a great weekend and as always... good things are happening here in Michigan! Thank you so very much for being a part of it. :-)

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        12-28-2004     Paula Tsvayg        

okay, I honestly admit I haven't been commenting much, but now I'm back soory for the enormous break.
THe thing is, although I don't have time for commenting, I find time to read the stuff, so I knnow everything that's happened already.
Great letter, but the thing is, you stopped writing letters to your mother
Now it's only letters for the family.

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