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Mercury's Promise

by Andrew Findlay (Age: 46)
copyright 12-12-2004

Age Rating: 10 +
Mercury's Promise

Warm breeze washes over me
Moonlight glitters like jeweled prisms
She whispers my name in the mist

She is everywhere
She caresses the mountains with her kiss
She touches the trees with innocent intent

Take me home my Angel
I long for the comfort of your thoughts
I need the purity of your forgiveness
Sailor Mercury

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        03-28-2007     Chessie Hodge        

This is a very beautiful work. I know that it is old, but I'm surfing around and I stumbled across it! I love the way you described everything. It is absolutely... picturesque! I will definitely read more of your work.

Chessie H.

        12-30-2004     chibimars        

You are a deep Mercury fan, Andrew, and your beautiful works prove it! If only she were real and we grabbed her and showed her all of these dedicated poems, I think she'd freak and totally want to meet you! LOL! Great job, yet again!

Jenna T.

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