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No.1 dad

by Tara Manning (Age: 25)
copyright 02-20-2005

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Well I normally write angst but this is for my dad on his 36th birthday as a pressie and I can write happy so:

You're absolutely bonkers,
and sometimes RAVING mad,
but here are my reasons,
as to what makes you FAB,

You make songs really funky,
with your GROOVY moves,
because you dance funnyily,
and get into the groove,

You drive mumsie up the wall,
with your BRILL jokes,
You only ever ACT like a fool
but that's not all folks!

You can be really serious,
but there's no way you're a loser,
'cause,when you get back from work,
You're the worlds BESTEST snoozer!

They're not all the reasons,
but that's what makes me glad,
that I got stuck with,
the NO.1 dad!

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        03-01-2005     hedwig        

Haha good poem, sounds like my dad. Once he gets home he runs in his bed to sleep.

        02-28-2005     David Pekrul        

This is really cool. I'm sure your Dad liked receiving this poem more than you can ever imagine. That's just how Dad's are.

David Pekrul

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