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My Love

by Sarah Mahler
copyright 03-12-2005

Age Rating: 13 +
My Love

This world that I see,
So full of life and promise
Living long with prosperity,
I donít know why I didnít notice

Every thing is so overwhelming,
I donít know what to do,
Sometimes I just think of dying,
But that is something that I can control

I see them looking so happy,
I wonder why Iím so alone
I look to the sky for help,
But all I get is the rain

Iíve found the one Iíve been looking for,
But how to tell them I donít know
They make me feel happy inside,
I donít know how I could be so slow

A bright color lights my cheeks,
As I go and confess
Just how much I love them,
I smile all the way.

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