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by Irina Guschina (Age: 62)
copyright 04-05-2005

Age Rating: 13 +

Oh, I have so many tutors.
My tiny basket is filled
with wise and right manuals,
Not forget-me-nots or tulips.
They know how to live,
They know how to write,
they know how to breathe
and even how to die.
What a fine happiness I have
friends I can share manuals with!

Author Note: with a sad smiling...

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        05-26-2005     Jean George        

I like your concept here, your love of books and writers and how they are so precious to you. I also understand how lovely it is when you find friends who share your love of poetry and writing.Well done!

        05-26-2005     Walter Jones        

To touch and feel, to live, a map witten, in many forms and languages, so perfect, it instruction never end... Loaves and fishes blessed.. Walt

        04-07-2005     Gregory Christiano        

Hello Irina: Terrific concept...we learn from various things and you've pointed out how each is a tutor in itself. Very original and imaginative. And it is a diversion from your usual style. Nice indeed.

        04-06-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

You do have tulips in your basket, have faith and look again! Life serves lemonds, some think their bitter and some make lemonade! Thank you, Anthony

        04-06-2005     David Pekrul        

What would we ever do without friends? A famous author said, "No man is an island". Our friends teach us, comfort us, protect us, encourage us.

Thanks for the reminder,
David Pekrul

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