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Tears and Blood

by Ariel Swaggerty (Age: 26)
copyright 05-12-2005

Age Rating: 16 +

Shaking, I've kept my breath deep inside of me
The crimson ruby tears pouring from my flesh is all I see
Singing...a soft lulluby of my eternal pain
The curfew of death is clinging to me from the rain

The light reflected off a crimson blade
And I could hear the cold chill of death that bade
Me to stand up and fall apart altogether
Drifting up to the light, I'm as light as a feather

Drenched in crimson blood gushing from broken flesh
I can see it so clearly with my clothes does it mesh
Singing about a tragic tale without an ending...
My life as a person is waiting for me, it's decisions pending...

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